Our Elementary School

What makes our Elementary School unique

The Elementary School consists of grades K-5 and has approximately 170 students and 14 staff members. BOSS Elementary is pleased to offer students the ability to learn from a live teacher in a synchronous class setting that has a structured daily schedule. Students have the ability to engage in a small classroom setting with their teacher and peers. BOSS teachers have developed a unique balance to incorporate activities throughout the school day in order to get students up and moving and having fun while learning.

Students in grades K-5 are also sent home a variety of materials such as workbooks, manipulatives, and much more to aid with the curriculum. BOSS elementary offers a very hands-on approach to learning.

BOSS elementary utilizes many supplemental programs such as i-Ready, Raz-Kids, Scholastic, and Spelling City to provide additional learning opportunities for our students.

Our academic focus continues to be improving our state test scores. All teachers are fully ingrained in the Ohio Improvement process and meet as Teacher Based Teams (TBTs) weekly to analyze student data and discuss instructional strategies and support. Teachers are working to break down academic standards and adopting new techniques to help provide the academic support necessary to show continued academic growth.

BOSS strives to promote a successful learning environment. Providing students throughout Ohio with a quality education is the number one goal. Through the unique capabilities and committed staff, BOSS continues to provide a worthwhile learning experience for all students.