Upcoming Field Trips

Make sure to attend our upcoming field trips!

The Buckeye Online School for Success hosts a number of field trips throughout the year to spark social engagement between students.  For information on how to sign up for an upcoming field trip, be sure to reach out to our Field Trip Coordinator, Lisa Fiorello-Halstead, at 330-822-2077.

Upcoming Field Trips:

  •  Butler Institute of American Art – Nov 14th, 2018 – Youngstown, OH – FREE
    • The tour is one hour long and will cover 1/3 of the museum. We will be divided into small tour groups. Each with it’s own tour guide .The artwork exhibited, is a collection of works in various media, created by American artists. These artists include: John Mellencamp, Peter Maier and Eva Petric.
      Gift shop & Café on site.