Junior/Senior High School

Earn your high school diploma through BOSS

The Junior Senior High School consists of grades 6-12 and has approximately 500 students and 31 staff members. BOSS students are instructed in a synchronous classroom by a live teacher on a traditional bell schedule. Students also have the ability to view daily recordings of the classroom instruction in the event of a missed class or for further clarification of the content presented. BOSS currently offer 75 courses each day to give all students a well balanced and wide variety of curriculum options.

BOSS is also excited to continue to expand its Canvas LMS platform as well as its Adobe Connect virtual classroom. Students and teachers have been provided with new opportunities for learning and student engagement. Teachers now have the ability to utilize outside learning applications and programs directly in both platforms. The school continues to discover new opportunities for these systems each day and is looking forward to see what will come next.

Communication is critical for the success of BOSS students. All students are assigned to a homeroom teacher to help guide them through the learning process. Students attend homeroom daily to receive school announcements, grade and progress updates, as well as support from their homeroom teacher and peers as needed.

BOSS is also proud to offer qualifying students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to participate in the College Credit Plus Program. There are currently 58 students enrolled at 23 colleges taking 171 different courses. This program continues to grow each year.
Academic focus continues to be improving state test scores. All teachers are fully ingrained in the Ohio Improvement process and meet as Teacher Based Teams (TBTs) weekly to analyze student data and discuss instructional strategies and support. Teachers are working to break down academic standards and adopting new techniques to help provide the academic support necessary to show continued academic growth.

BOSS strives to promote a successful learning environment. Providing students throughout Ohio with a quality education is the number one goal. Through these unique capabilities and committed staff, BOSS continues to provide a worthwhile learning experience for all students.